Patissier For Professional Bakers and Dessert Chefs

Patissier For Professional Bakers and Dessert Chefs


PatissierFor Professional Bakers and Dessert Chefs

Tailored to fulfil the exacting demands of professional chefs and bakers, Pâtissier is our select brand of culinary chocolate products for use in hotels, restaurants and fine bakeries.


PatissierFor Professional Bakers and Dessert Chefs

Pâtissier chocolate for cooking or baking comes in a number of specialty forms. Pure Origin is a line of chocolates that retain the unique taste characteristics of their place of origin, be it Peru, Ghana or Madagascar.

For those who want to offer a healthier choice or address consumers with special dietary needs, the No Added Sugar range allows the making of low-calorie cakes, ice creams, pralines and other confections. Dark or milk couvertures, as well as white chocolate in various recipes and taste profiles are available for users with highly specific requirements. Choose from products with different levels of cocoa, creaminess, bitterness, sweetness, fruitiness and acidity. We also have extra fluid chocolate for applications such as fountains, glazes and coatings.


We offer Pâte À Glacer, quick-set and soft-set coatings with various levels of cocoa, fat and viscosity. These versatile items can be used as coatings and fillings, for moulding or in ganache or mousse. The Soft Set range is formulated to stay soft even at temperatures between 15-20°C.


Dark, milk or white chocolate is available as both cold and bake-stable fillings. The latter will not experience fat separation after baking.


To offer a touch of visual delight and intense bursts of flavour, add a liberal sprinkling of Pâtissier decorations to your creations. We supply chips and chunks in milk, dark, white and twin versions. For pastries and other baked goods, we have bâtons in dark and milk chocolate.

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