Discover How to Integrate Hotel Systems to Maximize Guest Loyalty

The hotel industry may be welcoming more guests now than pre-pandemic times, but resource limitations and the uncertainty about the trends that will impact the industry going forward remain top of mind. Fortunately, advancements in automation and guest recognition technology have made it easier than ever for hoteliers with less staff to manage operations while exceeding guest expectations.

Understanding how this technology fits into the working system and the ways in which it can continue to improve process, is really important in alleviating the ‘technology burden’ and allowing hoteliers to focus on what’s most important to them; their guests.

In this report, you’ll learn: How automation is helping hoteliers to save time and increase efficiency
  • What questions to ask to properly automate your hotel’s operations
  • How hotels recognize guests in ways that reward loyalty
  • The ways hotel loyalty programs have evolved
  • Why traditional loyalty programs are no longer a necessity today

Discover How to Integrate Hotel Systems to Maximize Guest Loyalty

About SHR Group

SHR Group unites hotel technology and marketing services to empower hoteliers. Our platform is an eco-system of tools that maximizes guest success and value at every touchpoint.  Over 2,000 hotels globally rely on our products to optimize their channel mix, personalize guest experiences and maximize revenue and profitability.

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