World Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Summit 2017 (WHTTS-11-13 Sept 2017)

World Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Summit 2017 (WHTTS-2017)

Clyto Access warmly welcome participants to Dubai during 11 to 13 September, 2017 to attend World Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Summit (WHTTS - 2017).

WHTTS - 2017 will be attended by tourism professionals, academicians and researchers from all over the world which features dynamic sessions and sight with the eyes of mind into the latest topics on tourism research and strategies. In this Tourism conference special concern is given to future trends in tourism research and development. This event will be a gathering among common peers in tourism sector where they can explore practical and innovative solutions, meanwhile further actively encouraging ideas to fill with the urge a change for a better future of planet through including all the services and sustainable development model.

WHTTS - 2017 mainly focuses on tourism strategies, transport technology, climate Changes, tourism as a tool of development, architectural, cultural, education & tourism, future trends in travelling on a mission, e-tourism, planning & development, simulation models, tourism & technology, travel planning search systems and search engines, tourist tracking and GPS, e -business models for tourism destination competitiveness, sustainable tourism, MIS, planning systems for tourism products and services.

Today tourism has a great impact on economic development of a country and contributes to the welfare in those regions. It is the important source for employment opportunities, source of foreign exchange earnings, public and private income, cultural exchange etc.

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