Online Reputation Management for your Hotel

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Online Reputation Management for your Hotel

When it comes to your reputation, social media can’t create it, it can only perpetuate it.

DJUBO, a cloud-based 360 hotels sales platform, has now entered the South Asian hotel technology market after announcing its partnerships with Traveloka and Pegi Pegi, DJUBO* said in a statement.

The company stated it has grown 12 times in revenues since it launched in India 25 months ago. It has over 2000 clients in all over global market, with India as a home market.

Sankalp Goel, Co-Founder DJUBO said,

“The requirement of hoteliers globally is increasing at a rapid pace socially in terms of revenue driving and revenue maximizing technology. Given that we are the market leaders in India and already managed to enter 20 countries through incoming leads, we have decided to enter other South Asian countries in a big way because of these markets having similar requirements, time zone and client profile as India.”

In South Asia, Indonesia has a population of 250 million domestic travelers with a city like Bali comprising 12000 hotels, bed and breakfasts and Homestays.

Thailand gets over 33 million annual foreign tourists. DJUBO said it handles an annual run rate of around 2 million room nights amounting to annual booking value of approximately $ 90 million in India.

The company added that it has demonstrated a 43% year-on-year increase in client revenues from South Asia.


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