Hoteliers Take the Helps from Hotel Technology Intelligence

Hoteliers Take the Helps from Hotel Technology Intelligence DJUBO is a new-age approach to managing hotel & hotel chains, with an impetus on automating sales & inventory distribution. It brings together, in a single integrated solution, central reservation system, channel manager, direct booking engine, property management system, online reputation management, sales analytics, marketing tools, and revenue management.

Earlier hotels used to manage their bookings by offline modes at property level but with the technological advancement, OTA’s were introduced which empowered hoteliers to get bookings online. But this has also created the hassle to manage different OTA platforms, track sales and bookings.

At times hoteliers face a situation of over or under-booking. DJUBO automates this process resulting in effective management of sales, no errors in inventory management, price parity across all OTA providing a streamlined service. In fact, DJUBO also enables hoteliers to track their hotel's rating and reputation across all OTA on a single platform. Its sentimental analysis lets hoteliers track which aspect of their service needs more attention hence delivering better customer service enhancing their brand value.

Sumit Mitruka, Founder and CEO of Summit Hotels & Resorts e, stated it was quite tough for them to manage their sales and bookings when OTA’s were introduced. But with the help of DJUBO, they are able to manage their 600 room inventory across 18 properties from a single platform.

DJUBO Insights, the sales analytics platform, has helped them take decision quicker, enabling them to know exactly the rates they should be pushing for different channels, and more importantly the immediate impact of their pricing strategies. Sumit also added, “If you leave your sales and reservation on DJUBO, you have a lot of time to focus on operations and expansion. This is what has helped them to grow”.

The system is not just proving useful for hotel chains, but independent hoteliers of all sizes are using it to achieve their true profit potential. Ms. Gede owner of Wahyu Dewata said, her team work more efficient.

Hoteliers Take the Helps from Hotel Technology Intelligence

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