5 Healthy Drinks To Get You Out of the Friday Slump

5 Healthy Drinks To Get You Out of the Friday Slump

Coming 17-19 July, catch these brand features exhibiting at the SFFA and RPB Asia – the leading trade show for artisan, gourmet and fine food & drink!

Everyone’s been there, the arrival of a food coma: head nodding, eyelids drooping and a mind wandering, refusing to think about anything but sleep. At this point in time, it is almost impossible to concentrate, it is tempting to reach for that second – or third – cup of coffee. The smell of a freshly-brewed coffee and a warm cup in your hands, it is all so good… until it’s not. Research has shown the detrimental effects of what caffeinated beverages can bring to your body.

The good news is, there are some amazing alternatives out there to help combat your mid-day slump, without leaving you with the jitters and harsh crash that caffeine does. On behalf of Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA) and Restaurant, Pub & Bar Asia (RPB Asia) 2019, here are some healthy pick-me-up options to switch out your usual cuppa (and where to find them):

Tea (Essemble Specialties – ALTHAUS)

5 Healthy Drinks To Get You Out of the Friday Slump

No matter the occasion or weather conditions, tea can be a tasty beverage, served iced or hot. But its benefits go far beyond refreshment.  There is plenty of research showing that drinking tea can improve your health – boosting your immune system, helping with weight loss, contains antioxidants, yet still providing that jolt of caffeine. 

Combining the demands for highest product quality with modern production methods, old tea traditions with surprisingly new tea compositions, indulge your tea with ALTHAUS’ Deli Pack – offered in a perfect pre-portioned option for a convenient and quick pick-me-up.

Coconut Water (Siam Coco – COCOLOCO)

5 Healthy Drinks To Get You Out of the Friday Slump

Started as a small family business, Siam Coco has grown from distributing fresh coconuts to restaurants in to manufacturing and distributing Singapore’s first organic coconut water COCOLOCO. 
This natural low-calorie beverage is known for its concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, especially its high content of potassium. 

More effective at hydrating the human body than energy drinks, sip away with COCOLOCO’s coconut water for a refreshing, caffeine-free afternoon beverage on a hot day!

Cacao Tea (Sparky Products – Benns Chocolate)

5 Healthy Drinks To Get You Out of the Friday Slump

From bean to tea, Benns Chocolate produces cacao tea, a chocolate tea made from the highest quality cacao husks and nibs – skillfully roasted, winnowed and blended.

Containing theobromine, a natural stimulant with a gentle slow-release effect and ‘bliss chemical’ anandamide,  Benns Chocolate’s all-natural cacao tea will not only be able to curb your caffeine addiction but also satisfy your unbeatable chocolate cravings. 

Low-calorie, guilt-free and delicious, pick up a box of cacao tea from Benn’s – a perfect little midday treat.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Willy’s)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Willy’s)

More than just an ancient folk remedy for an upset stomach, Willy’s believes that apple cider vinegar is more than that. 

One of nature’s gifts made from the humble apple, this drink contains friendly, probiotic bacteria that not only provides a boost of energy but also aids digestion issues. Not only that, Willy’s is also all about sustainability, from farming methods to their aim at zero waste. 

Remember, the next time you need that energy kick, just a 25ml diluted dose of this golden liquid from Willy’s Organic daily will do the trick. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Kombucha (YOCHA)

Kombucha (YOCHA)

Born out of a desire to help people get back to feeling great, YOCHA’s kombucha is chock full of a variety of 100% natural probiotics, acetic acid and antioxidants.  This beverage brings about an array of health benefits – boosting your immune system, aids in weight loss, detoxification and most importantly, increases your energy level. 

Packed full of nutrition and probiotics in a bottle, sip your way to a healthier gut with YOCHA Kombucha and start feeling good from the inside out today.

About Speciality & Fine Food Asia and Restaurant Pub & Bar Asia

Organised by Montgomery Asia, Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA) and Restaurant Pub & Bar Asia (RPB Asia) are dedicated trade platforms that connect gourmet food & drink producers and purveyors with decision makers in the retail, foodservice and hospitality sectors, providing companies an excellent platform to discover new trends, expand their business and reach the right buyers. 

The third edition of the shows will be held from 17 – 19 July 2019 at Suntec Singapore and will feature an expanded programme line-up including fringe events, competitions, as well as a more diverse range of chefs, bartenders and speciality food and drink products and technologies. SFFA and RPB Asia will also see the launch of the new Industry Ambassadors programme, harnessing the power of industry insights to ensure that the needs of suppliers and buyers are fully catered to.

About Montgomery Asia

Established in 2016, Montgomery Asia is a fully-owned subsidiary of Montgomery. It focuses on the growing Asian market, bringing the group’s flagship events to this region as well as developing new trade shows that meet the needs of the Asian market.

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