Lights in Tunnels Fight the Virus

Lights in Tunnels Fight the Virus

The quickest, actually the only, way to get hospitality customers back into hotels and villas and airports and restaurants and bars and shops, is to make it safe for them. And then shine a light (ahem) on how that safety is achieved so that they also FEEL safe.

Ninja Lights adds tools to the industry toolbox to achieve this.

If higher exposure risk comes from the aerosol spread, as we are finding, and if short-wave UV lights (UV-C) destroys SARS-Cov-19-2 and other virus particles (they do), and if COVID defense includes reducing exposure risks, it makes sense to attack the virus with UV-C, in the air, and to reduce this one threat factor.

Call in the Ninja Airforce and Ninja Spaceforce!

Ninja Lights was born out of the desire of a multi-brand hospitality Group with over 100 properties in SE Asia, to further efforts towards their health and safety commitment to guests and employees alike. This resulted in the Ninja Katana, a UV-C ‘wand’, and other lamp configurations to sterilize surfaces, using hospital-grade germicidal lights from Osram, Germany, and Phillips, from the Netherlands. The Company claims that its products are as strong and effective as professional hospital products, unlike the mostly useless consumer LED’s that we are flooded with, but much (MUCH) cheaper.

Now, Ninja Lights (a family-owned company based in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia) announces the launch of similarly serious products to attack aerosol spread: the Ninja Airforce and the Ninja Spaceforce.

The Ninja Airforce attacks air-born virus particles at the rate of up to 50 m3 per hour, blowing through a tunnel with three Osram 30W germicidal lamps at very close proximity. If this doesn’t cook the virus particles, there are also 3 sterling silver ‘scrubbers’ that any particle would have to pass. The unit will retail below US$500.

The Ninja Spaceforce lives on a wall as a pretty normal light fixture, but packs 30 Watt, up to 90 Watt UV-C lamps, hidden from direct sight, picking off airborne virus particles as they get blown by. Ninja Spaceforce products will retail below US$200 for both the 100cm, 35W single lamp wall unit, and the 2 x 15W, 50cm armature.

The Company spokesperson states clearly that, one, there are no scientific data on efficacy yet, and, two, no one should ever be exposed for any length of time to direct UV-C light. Says Pieter de Vries: “we design and engineer and instruct towards safety and efficacy accordingly and believe that every destroyed virus particle counts. It is a war…. The virus hunts us and we hunt the virus…”

Ninja Lights is ramping up production as fast as they can to meet demand. “The bottleneck is lamp availability,” says De Vries, “… but we can still find Osrams and Phillips’, and are told their production is ramping up as well”.

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