Rebuilding Tourism for the Future through Energy Conservation

Rebuilding tourism for the future through energy conservation

Possibility in every drop

We are more than just a water pump company. Through our solutions and services, we touch millions and millions of people every day, without most even noticing. And with that comes great responsibility. A responsibility to respect, protect and advance the flow of water for people, businesses and the planet. Because at Grundfos, we believe that every drop contains infinite possibilities, and that water has the power to change the world.

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What if?

Two words capable of inspiring answers to the world’s most urgent questions. At Grundfos, we believe that if we dare ask the right questions, then, together, we can answer the world's most challenging problems.

Case Studies Le Meridien Ciang Rai Resort

Rebuilding tourism

Moving the limits with our customers

Together, we achieve more. Whether that is by moving water to the smallest villages or highest skyscrapers, treating and reusing our water, efficiently heating or cooling our homes and offices or providing a reliable flow of water. Having shared ambitions drives us to constantly challenge what is possible in search of unsurpassed reliability, reduced footprints and increased performance.



Established in 1945 in in Bjerringbro, Denmark, Grundfos is a leading global pump and water solutions company. It pioneers solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improves quality of life for people. Grundfos is also the world’s first water solutions company with approved net-zero Science-Based Targets. 

Grundfos operates with entities in more than 60 countries. With a promise to respect, 
protect, and advance the flow of water, it provides energy and water efficient solutions and 
systems for a wide range of applications for water utilities, industries, and buildings. 

In 1990, Grundfos entered Indonesia through PT. Grundfos Pompa, actively contributing to 
the nation's urban and industrial development. In 2019, Grundfos expanded its reach with a 
new branch office in Surabaya, bringing its expertise closer to customers in eastern Indonesia. 

In June 2023, Grundfos partnered with Tehnik Optima Pompa to establish an SP Sub Factory in Semarang to meet the increasing demand for large-scale submersible deep-well pumps in the region. This strategic move further cements Grundfos's commitment to serving Indonesia's evolving needs. 


Commercial Building Services

The Commercial Buildings Services (CBS) Division of Grundfos is headquartered in Singapore, 
a landmark location for energy-efficient buildings and with a strong local, expert competence environment which CBS wants to utilise and scale globally. CBS has a global footprint, directly present on five continents and serves a multitude of customers within commercial buildings services with reliable and high-technology products and solutions, as well as a range of services, including energy and system optimisation. CBS works dedicatedly to serve all its global customers with a special focus on energy-optimising commercial buildings. 


Key case studies in the hospitality industry

We are directly accessible in 56 countries

Through our network of partners, distributors and subdealers, we are represented in even more.

Grundfos Holding A/S Poul Due Jensens vej 7 8850 
Bjerringbro, Denmark Tel.: +45 87501400 | Fax +45 87501402

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