Enhance Strategic Decisions and Increase Revenue Growth Webinar

Enhance Strategic Decisions and Increase Revenue Growth for Your Meeting & Events Space

Do you manage meetings & events space within your company? Are you a hotel or a stand-alone venue with conference space, meeting rooms or events facilities?

Join our on-demand webinar to discover how to make the most of your M&E space and take your revenue to the next level!

Mlobal spending on meetings and events continues to rise, and the need for hotel and event managers to understand the impact of group business is critical. Watch our latest on-demand webinar - Make the most of your meetings & events space to learn how to boost meetings & events revenue.


In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • Concepts and current trends of meetings & events revenue management
  • Best practices in M&E revenue management
  • How to make sense and better utilise the data from sales & catering systems
  • How to use new tools to enhance strategic decisions and increase revenue growth

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