Quest Griffith and Quest Robina Adopt BeyondTV GuestCast™

Quest Griffith and Quest Robina Adopt BeyondTV GuestCast™ to Provide Guests With Latest in Content Casting Functionality

Quest Griffith and Quest Robina cater to guest desire for seamless and secure access to personalized content.

Quest Griffith and Quest Robina Adopt BeyondTV GuestCast™

MELBOURNE, Australia - June 30, 2020 - BeyondTV (BTV), a full-service provider of guestroom entertainment services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of BeyondTV GuestCast™ at Quest Griffith and Quest Robina

Owned and operated under the Quest Apartment Hotels franchise, one of the largest and most successful apartment hotel brands within Australasia, Quest Griffith, located within the Riverina region, and Quest Robina, situated on Australia's Gold Coast, represent a leading standard in providing extended stay travelers with a true home away from home experience. 

With the implementation of BeyondTV GuestCast through Liveport, official partner of BeyondTV and provider of the BeyondTV GuestCast platform in Australia, both properties are now also able to extend guest senses of feeling at home to their in-room entertainment options with the ability to cast virtually any content of preference.

Quest Griffith

Both Quest Griffith, a 68-apartment property, and Quest Robina, a newly constructed 80-apartment hotel, are designed to provide each guest with every amenity and comfort that makes for a relaxing stay, including spacious rooms and kitchenettes. Yet with guests increasingly demanding the ability to personalize their hotel experience, particularly when it comes to in-room entertainment, franchisees Josh and Fleur Nadzielski recognized the opportunity to partner with a reputable provider that could seamlessly cater to such needs. After considering several alternatives, the two properties selected BeyondTV and its BeyondTV GuestCast platform due to the company's specialized expertise in providing cost-effective content casting technology that is tailored to the unique requirements of the hospitality industry.

Quest Robina

Sidestepping the need for complex integrations and compatible with virtually any hotel-based television and Wi-Fi network, BeyondTV GuestCast is able to provide each guest with the effortless ability to cast more than 1,000 mobile-based apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. 

BeyondTV GuestCast further allows guests to cast their own streamed content from a range of personal devices, including laptops, iOS or Android-based tablets and smartphones. Designed to provide guests with the ultimate in intuitive and user-friendly experiences, BeyondTV also allows guests to instantly connect their devices using a QR code that is readily available within each guestroom at both Quest Griffith and Quest Robina.

"At Quest Griffith and Quest Robina we wanted to provide each guest with the best possible experience, and by listening to the feedback of our guests we recognized the importance that they place on being provided with broader entertainment options that suit their unique tastes," said Joshua Nadzielski, Director/Franchisee of Quest Robina and former Franchisee of Quest Griffith. 

"That is why we quickly sought to upgrade the in-room entertainment offerings at Quest Griffith and ensure that Quest Robina was equipped with BeyondTV GuestCast from the first day of opening. BeyondTV GuestCast provides the flexibility and convenience that today's guests seek when accessing personalized content while also protecting personal data, and we have been pleased to experience positive feedback from the guest demographic that expects to have content casting available as a service." 

In addition to providing guests with instant and effortless access to their own content on guestroom televisions, BeyondTV GuestCast also comes equipped with device isolation capabilities that prevent cross-room communication and the potential of content being cast to the incorrect television. In contrast to smart televisions, BeyondTV GuestCast also does not require guests to input sensitive streaming service login information which a guest may forget to erase at the time of check-out or which otherwise may be at risk of data theft.

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