WinqBid Teams Up with eRevMax for Global Hotel Booking App Access.

WinqBid partners with eRevMax to make its hotel booking app available to hoteliers worldwide

WinqBid partners with eRevMax to make its hotel booking app available to hoteliers worldwide

Invites RateTiger Hotels to join the Heroes Appreciation Program

London, 30 June 2020: WinqBid, the only hotel booking app with an exciting live auction feature for unsold rooms, has completed technical integration with eRevMax, a leader in travel technology. The interface is the latest addition to the eRevMax Channel Ecosystem that connects hotels to over 400 online distribution channels worldwide.

A mobile-first platform, WinqBid provides hotels and users with a unique and exciting booking experience. Users on the platform can set alerts for dates and hotel properties not yet available and be notified when they go on sale. Hotels can use this to fill in booking gaps or drive pricing during high demand. WinqBid is rapidly expanding and adding inventory on its platform, throughout USA and Canada.

WinqBid has launched a special Covid-19 Heroes Appreciation Program wherein they bring hotels the opportunity to offer much needed Rewards & Recognition to health care workers and emergency first responders. Through this program, RateTiger hotels can participate and offer a free room night to first responders, which in turn may lead to paid bookings if the guest chooses to book multiple room nights.

“We’re really excited to be launching WinqBid’s Frontline Heroes Appreciation Campaign with RateTiger and its partner hotels. WinqBid is providing a unique platform to enable hotels to kickstart their businesses in these challenging times while thanking our nation’s heroes. It’s the hotel's opportunity for large-scale positive exposure and a genuine win for all!” commented Israel Krasnianski, CEO of WinqBid.

“The integration with WinqBid will give our hotel customers an opportunity to sell empty rooms, through bidding on vacant rooms, the key to success here is our ability to deliver reservations immediately so the hotel front desk has the booking details ready when the guest checks in, which could be any time as long as the auction is live after they book a room via the WinqBid app,” said Ashis Saha, SVP - Project Management, eRevMax.

With this integration, WinqBid presents an introductory offer to all current RateTiger hotel users which includes commission free bookings for three months and a year of discounted rates thereafter.

About eRevMax: eRevMax is a travel technology company that assists hotels through channel management, rate intelligence and connectivity solutions. The company connects multiple online channels to the hotels’ PMSs to seamlessly deliver ARI updates and reservations. eRevMax is known for its stable solutions with 99.9% product uptime and provides 24x7 customer support. It works closely with around 400 channel and technology partners assisting over 9000 hotels worldwide to increase revenue opportunities and streamline business processes. It is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands - RateTiger, LiveOS and AgentX101. For more details, please visit or contact us on

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