APAC Hospitality Trend Predictions for 2024

APAC Hospitality Trend Predictions for 2024

Did you make any predictions for the industry this year? 

We certainly did.

From the increased use of first-party data to a greater emphasis on sustainability in travel, many of our predictions came true. Now we’re turning our sights on 2024. What’s coming around the corner?

Grab your drink of choice, and get cozy while we dig in to our predictions for the new year that will help you attract and retain guests

Making data- driven decisions has become the norm

As hoteliers make strides in technology advancements and digital transformation, it’s getting easier and easier to leverage rich guest data for strategic decision-making. Honestly,
hoteliers can’t afford to do anything less. It’s data-driven or bust. Without leveraging rich
guest information, it’s hard to imagine intelligent operations. That’s why so many hoteliers are backing every marketing campaign, every lead follow-up, and every guest interaction with data.

When it comes to collecting that data, there are two types to pay special attention to, zero-party data and first-party data. No matter the type of data you collect, those insights are the building blocks for your loyalty and profitability for your properties.
Guests appreciate that personalization, and 71% even expect it— so ensuring you reach those expectations in all of your communications only increases brand affinity and encourages guests to book again with your hotel.

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